Who am I?

In 2016, somewhere in Portugal, a 19 years old girl, born and raised on a beautiful island, always wanting to do more, to adventure, to explore, had the brilliant idea of joining the blogosphere. With her love to read, to write and to photograph pretty much everything she sees, Owlright, Carol was created. 

Wanting to have her own place to ramble about things she loves, she decided to give wings to her will and create a blog where she could do exactly that: write about fashion, music, life related subjects, as well as share her love for photography, sharing and loving the way she captures her surroundings.

Today, studying Psichology and having the support of friends and family, she stands behind the computer and writes about what she really likes, to followers who enjoy her writing. If you are one of her followers...

Hello! I am Carol. Welcome to my blog, my online treasure. I hope you enjoy my posts.
Remember to live life as it passes. Enjoy every second, every day and every moment.
If you are my friend, which I am sure you are, thank you for supporting me. 

Yours truly,

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